Anger: Getting Rid Of (Not Possible) or Getting Finished With (Possible)?

Whenever I give an Anger Mastery class, I ask the participants to raise their hand if they believe it is possible to “get rid of” anger. Inevitably, many people raise their hand, accompanied by a laugh. I’ve learned that the laugh comes because they believe it is possible to “get rid of... Read More

Anger: What the “Other Animals” Can Teach Us

Human beings are not the only animals on this earth who feel and experience emotions. Scientists, many of whom are convinced that animals do not have emotions, still argue this question.

Dr. Jeffrey Masson, author of several books about human-animal relationships, collected anecdotal evidence of animal emotion. His New York Times best-selling book, When Elephants Weep, contains stories... Read More

Anger: How Anger Signals Us to Change

Anger is an amazing emotion, totally dedicated to getting us to change, so we have a smoother-functioning, happier life!

Recall that the function of emotions is to provide “signals,” helping us make the most effective, good-for-us choices and actions. Love, for example, “signals” us to “come closer." When we do, love’s energy is exchanged; we feel great and... Read More

Anger: What Is It and Why Won’t It Leave Me Alone?

Everybody knows what anger is, right? It’s an emotion. In fact, it’s a negative emotion, one that often explodes, even when you’re trying to get rid of it and not feel it. It’s a negative emotion that easily goes out of control, requiring you to monitor—and manage—it. Your father handled anger well; but your mother did not handle well... Read More

Anger: Our Most Active Emotion

Last post, I asked whether you want to “manage” anger, or to really “master,” i.e., master is in charge, knowing how anger works, why you’re working with it, what to do to change it, its liabilities and benefits, and what to do if you don’t want to keep getting angry/frustrated/vexed/irritated the same old ways.

Are you considering... Read More

Have More Confidence by Removing False Beliefs

We humans live our lives on the basis of what we believe. Beliefs are thoughts or ideas that have built through repetition and have become “truth” for us. It’s important for us to realize that beliefs are held in the subconscious mind, which believes anything that is repeated often enough as “true” (something advertisers certainly know). Herein lies our... Read More

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