Ilene Dillon, MSW, is the founder of Emotional Mastery for Life. She supports others as an “Emotional Mastery Expert,” drawing from her extensive expertise and her own life experiences.

Ilene learned how to master her emotions out of her years-long quest to conquer her own out-of-control emotions that developed as a result of a chaotic early life. She discovered how emotions work, what they are for, and practical and effective ways to put emotions under her direction, rather than allowing them to run her life. She now assists others on their journey to master emotions, a quest that all people have come to earth to conduct.

Over her 45-year career as a California-based Marriage and Family Therapist and Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Ilene shared what she learned with the people she was helping. Amazingly, those people started becoming “Recovered,” just as she had done.

For example: They became a “Recovered Jealous Person,” or a “Recovered Fearful and Anxious Person,” or a “Recovered Frustrated Parent.” Whatever the issue—and all our issues involve emotions–what Ilene had discovered about emotions and how to work with them actually worked to help others get out of the difficult situations and problems in which they had previously been mired! Furthermore, their growth was fast, complete, and lasting!

As a professional speaker, Ilene shared her learning with people in China, Australia, Europe, on cruise ships, and throughout the US in hospitals, churches, parenting groups, school conferences, and with businesses and associations.

She has appeared on national television and created and hosted Full Power Living, her own Internet radio program dedicated to awakening the world to the power, importance and mastery of human emotions. The show www.emotionalpro.com has been airing for over a decade on BlogTalk Radio and iTunes. Through her show, she has developed a reputation as an excellent interviewer, unafraid to ask the deep and challenging questions, reading everyone’s book and hosting her guests as if they were sitting comfortably in her living room. Guests have been from all walks of life (emotions are part of everything!), and have included (among many others), Dr. Bruce Lipton (The Biology of Belief), psychic Sylvia Brown, relationships guru Harville Hendrix, actress Marielle Hemingway, Dr. David Simon (cofounder, Chopra Institute), Gregg Braden (The God Code & The Isaiah Effect), feminist leader Dr. Jean Shinoda Bolen, spiritual teacher Guy Finley, and Dr. Bradley Nelson (The Emotion Code).