Manipulation Book

A Way Out-End Manipulation book

Many things are coming to an end right now. Among them—and very important—is Manipulation.

Manipulation is a pattern of relating, not a classified mental illness. In this pattern, one person uses the energy and resources of others to meet his own needs, rather than using his own energy and resources. This pattern begins when we are born. It is necessary to have as we grow up, yet we are designed to slowly move away from it, ending the pattern by adulthood. If it is continued into adulthood it becomes noxious and debilitating.

This ingenious and little-understood system is revealed in Ilene Dillon, M.S.W.’s latest new book, A Way Out—End Manipulation: Stop Being Jerked around by Toxic, Energy-Draining People,” available now in paperback and e-book format.

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If you feel “used,” or “tricked” by people in your life, feel like you can never work things out with particular individuals, are abused, have a strong desire to escape when you are with particular individuals, or feel tense and tight in your solar plexus when you spend time with some people, this book is for you!

Find out how to recognize, immediately, when you are being manipulated, how you may be manipulating your own self, and how to protect yourself from others’ manipulation. You can also find out how to outgrow any manipulation you may still be doing, leaving you free to be in charge of your own satisfying life!

If you’re ready to change your life for the better–for the rest of your life–

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