Why Do I Need to Be Grateful for Emotions I Feel?

Being Grateful because:

  • Life is meant to be pleasurable, fun—allow yourself to feel it!
  • Gratitude is the Law of Increase.
  • Having more signposts is helpful!
  • Gratitude brings attention to your increased peacefulness, satisfaction
  • It allows you to love—yourself, emotions, the world, your Creator
  • Gratefulness improves the quality of your life—takes on a life of its own/less... Read More

You Found the Message in those Emotions: Now What?

Now, we need to explore the emotions to better understand of what they want us to become aware. For all of us, emotions say things like “you’re feeling manipulated,” “you’re feeling angry,” or “you’re quite jealous.” Knowing the places in our body where each of these “common-to-us-all emotional messages” registers, we can speed our understanding and our reaction times.Read More

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