Emotions: Your Most Intimate Teachers and Guides

Before we look at the specific signals that anger gives to us, we need to understand what emotions are, and what their place in our lives really is designed to be.

Have you ever wished you had a “User’s Manual” for your life? The fact is we all do! Our emotions, taken together, form our User’s Manual. This manual is with us 24/7, telling us “go here,” “stay away from that,” “put more effort in here,” “proceed with caution now,” “stop and enjoy this,” and similar messages. The problem is, for many generations humans have been taught not to listen to their emotions. Instead, emotions have been demonized.

It’s no surprise to anyone that we are in a time of great change and transformation. One of the biggest changes is that we are rediscovering our emotions. In the 1980s, I offered classes in Anger. Few people signed up. Even though anger is under almost every human ill, causes problems in relationships, destroys self-esteem, and is at the root of abuse and addiction, before I could get people to register, I had to educate them about the importance of anger in their lives. A lot of people reported they didn’t get angry, only “irritated” (which is a form of anger)!

Now, however, seemingly everyone is talking about our “Emotional Intelligence” as applied at work and at home. Why? Because NOW is the time we humans have to open ourselves to emotions once again.

Notice the number of events that have been occurring in our world that have been so powerful, we had to feel. Thousands of people washed into the sea by a tsunami, Americans in the Southland dashed to pieces by tornadoes, uprisings in the long-repressed Arab nations, a huge earthquake devastating Haiti—all of these stir horror, sadness, anger, grief and compassion within us. Even television programs, such as American Idol, America’s Got Talent and Dancing with the Stars, have captured our emotional attention, asking us who we like the best, really asking “to whom do we respond emotionally?” Do you remember so much stirring of emotions even five or ten years ago? Why now?

NOW is the time for us to awaken our emotions. It’s happening, whether you are a willing participant or not. In my life, when I’ve been in such a position (such as when my first husband left me when our child was tiny), I realized I better “get with the program,” even if I didn’t like all of it. You will likely want to make the same choice now about embracing and learning about emotions.

What are emotions? Energy. E-motions. Energy in motion

Why do we have different emotions? Because emotions signal us, and each emotion has a slightly different energy pattern, offering a different signal.

What are emotions designed to do? To signal us suggested actions and decisions, things to which we need to pay attention/be careful about, places to focus attention.

Why are emotions the language of the universe? Because they operate as the fuel for all that we create and become. Whatever we “love” we become. Including when we “love” our problems!

What do I do to wake myself up emotionally?

The Principle: What You Pay Attention To, You Feed Energy and Tend to Become. Start by paying attention to your emotions, looking for them. Check with yourself every hour, asking: What am I aware of feeling? Write your emotions down. When they come up, allow yourself to feel them. If they come up powerfully, take time to feel them and let them pass through you. (They’re just energy, so they’re designed to move through.)The most important thing is to start paying attention to your emotions.

Later, you can learn about the signals different emotions offer, special things about particular emotions, how to integrate past insults to your emotions, and how to become an Emotional Master.

First, wake your emotions up. Then, you can begin the intriguing task of getting to know them and allowing them to become your friend!

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