Have More Confidence by Removing False Beliefs

We humans live our lives on the basis of what we believe. Beliefs are thoughts or ideas that have built through repetition and have become “truth” for us. It’s important for us to realize that beliefs are held in the subconscious mind, which believes anything that is repeated often enough as “true” (something advertisers certainly know). Herein lies our... Read More

Release and Let Go of Toxic Relationships

Human beings are designed to “grow out of” manipulation/co-dependence, just as we outgrow bed-wetting! Have you ever heard this before? Most people have not. We accept that we must tolerate manipulation, co-dependent behaviors, and “toxic people” because “that’s what human beings do.”

Toxic people are born, not made! You, and every other human being, were born manipulative (I’ll... Read More

Why Do I Need to Be Grateful for Emotions I Feel?

Being Grateful because:

  • Life is meant to be pleasurable, fun—allow yourself to feel it!
  • Gratitude is the Law of Increase.
  • Having more signposts is helpful!
  • Gratitude brings attention to your increased peacefulness, satisfaction
  • It allows you to love—yourself, emotions, the world, your Creator
  • Gratefulness improves the quality of your life—takes on a life of its own/less... Read More

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