Emotional Mastery for YOUR Life

You or your emotions: Who is in charge of you?

Emotions have been with you your entire life—likely even from before you were born. Every one of us has had the experience of our emotions leading us into difficulties. At one time or another, we all have been baffled by emotions: Why are they so strong or out of our control? Where did they come from? Why is this depression lasting so long? Why can’t I stop feeling the way I am feeling?

The reason emotions are baffling to us is that we have, for generations, not been allowed to become familiar with them. We do not know why we have emotions, what they are intended to do for us, how to get fully in charge of (master) them, or how to keep them from taking over our lives.

The good news: Now is the time for all of us to reconnect with our emotions! It is time for us to find out that

  • Emotions serve a clear and important function in life
  • Emotional power lies in the experience of our emotions
  • Emotions are “of the body”—that is where we experience them
  • Emotions are energy and can be understood by looking at the laws that govern energy
  • Emotional energy can never be “gotten rid of, ” but can be “worked with”
  • Emotions are messengers, offering to help us with our life
  • Emotions are actually friends, not enemies
  • Emotions are not that difficult to work with, once you know their mission
  • Emotions can be partnered with so we work together with them to create more powerful and effective lives
  • Emotions that are resisted or stuffed create problems for us
  • Emotions connect all of us living beings; if you are in a body, you have emotional experiences
  • Emotions are not “bad” or “good,” “negative” or “positive.” They just “are”

In recent years, there has been a movement to manage emotions. While this is a great start, we can do so much more than manage the emotions we experience. We can, in fact, master emotions—get in charge of them so they are helpful and beneficial to us and do not take us over.

This blog and website are places where we will be talking about, instructing and sharing about emotions, with the aim of helping you to move yourself into Emotional Mastery.

If you were given a wild horse and asked to make it ride-able, you would have two choices. You could use the traditional methods of training or breaking the horse, which would include activities to get the horse to bend itself to your will, to do what you expect it to do.

You could also follow the path of a Horse Whisperer, a person who works with the horse to gain the horse’s cooperation, learning to work with you because together you are able to become “more,” and create more power and joy.

The same is true with emotions: Become a trainer/manager of the emotions that arise in you, OR, become an emotions whisperer, someone we call an Emotional Master.

What will it be?

I invite you to come along and explore this question for yourself. I want to work in partnership with you to change your personal relationship with the emotions that are a part of you and your life. Get your free 30-minute personalized phone call with me today, to determine the areas of emotion most important for you to address.

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