Anger Mastery for Children

Our entire world of people and critters is grateful to you for investigating how you can protect and nurture your own Superconscious Child!

I’m excited to share with you two gifts that will add important information to your discovery process. Fill out the form lower on this page to obtain them.

I also invite you to participate in a special 6 week webinar I’m offering. It’s called “6 Steps to Make Your Kid an Authority Over Anger.”

This is a content-rich, twice a week course that takes parents from soup to nuts in helping their child(ren) work effectively with anger. Here are the things we’ll be looking at:

  • What are emotions and why do we have them
  • What happens inside of us that sets us up to experience anger
  • The power and influence of beliefs
  • What it means that anger is our most active emotion
  • 2 hidden forms of anger and how to work with them
  • What parental anger actually teaches children
  • What to do with yourself to help your child work with anger
  • What other animals show us about dealing with anger
  • 9 things to do to teach children to process and release anger
  • Why it’s important to let go of anger; and how to do it
  • How to have fun with anger

All participants will have “unlimited email” access for questions during the six weeks of this Workshop. Ask the questions to which you need answers in order to do your best parenting job for your Superconscious and emotional child!

The material in this course comes directly from me and the incredible things I’ve learned about working with anger–and all emotions–over the past 50 years. You won’t find this information in other courses. Furthermore, the approach has been developed specifically to work with Superconscious children!

I created a system for parenting these special children when I became the single parent of such a special child, way back in the 1970’s. I wanted to prepare my children to deal with a quickly-changing world, with the ability to make decisions and keep themselves safe even when I wasn’t around. I have taught this material in the US and in several places around the globe. I had the honor of teaching this material to parents in the same progressive school, for two years, enabling all the parents to work together in supporting their Superconscious children.

In 1994, I published a series of 7 handbooks for parents, aimed at helping them assist their children with emotions. One of those, The ABCs of Anger, is a gift I have for you today.

Though I taught parenting for many years, I’m not really teaching my material these days. I’ll be coming out of “retirement” to offer this Webinar. I have no plans to offer it again. However, this is too precious an opportunity to waste. I want to share it with you, because I already know you are ready to learn this forward-focused, spiritually oriented material I have developed.

Register: Anger Mastery for Children

Please consider this course as an important support to your efforts in raising your Superconscious child.

When: Tuesdays and Thursdays
5:30 pm Pacific time 8:30 pm Eastern
8:30 am Wednesdays & Fridays in Perth, Australia!
Dates: Feb. 25, 27, March 3, 5, 10, 12, 17, 19, 24, 26, 31, April 2

Workshop Fee: $550 However, because you are a guest of Jennifer Matthews on this Summit, and working on a project (Superconscious children) very dear to my heart, I’m offering you a 30% discount, making your cost only $380 US for a 12 hour course spanning 6 weeks.

Based on past experience, the seats in this Workshop will be claimed very quickly. If you’re serious about knowing how to offer your child Mastery over Anger, sign up today!

Register: Anger Mastery for Children

Thank you for offering me the opportunity to share this amazing material and approach with you You and your children are going to love it!




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Article: Your Child’s Soul is Showing. An article published in the international parenting magazine, Inner Peace Parenting, that speaks directly to the issues of nurturing and protecting our Superconscious Children.

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