The Ultimate Resolution for 2020

Recently, I attended some predictions sessions offered by renowned psychics.

What is coming up in 2020? What does 2020 promise to bring to each of us? These were among the key questions asked and answered.

Emotions in MotionI was thrilled, because I heard a single message—over and over—that echoed the daily approach to life I’ve held to (as a therapist and in my personal life) for many decades. It’s what we do when we develop Emotional Mastery, working with the energy that emotions are. (For the steps for developing Emotional Mastery, get your copy of my book, Emotions in Motion: Mastering Life’s Built-in Navigation System, on Amazon.)

It has to do, of course, with where we place our attention and focus—where we project our energy.

It supports this principle:

The only time we have power is in the present;
the only person over whom we have power is yourself.

It turns out that this is the year we step more firmly into our Energy Being lives. We’ll be better at manifesting, at bringing to ourselves exactly what we want. To do this, we need to create a crystal clear picture of exactly what we want. We’ll feel drawn to live all aspects of our life “my way.” Help from non-corporate beings is ever more available to us: but we need to ask (for that crystal clear vision) and allow ourselves to receive.

Despite how things look to us today, these seers affirmed that 2020 will, in general, be easier than 2019 has been. That’s great news.

However, if we spend time looking back, we won’t be able to move forward.

That’s where the principle by which I’ve lived for more than 30 years comes into play:

Pay attention, not to what you want to overcome,
but to what you want to BECOME!

Imagine what living according to this principle could be like. You get fired or dumped in a relationship, you don’t look back to previous firings or relationship issues. No! Instead, you look forward to what kind of job or relationship you really want, what will fit you precisely.

It no longer matters what you’ve gone through in the past—you are the CREATOR of your life, and when you focus on what you want to become, you’ll feed it energy. It will grow and become the actuality of your life. The old will automatically atrophy and fall away. You will easily assume your responsibility for creating the life you want to live.

Your spouse cheats on you. Instead of returning to rehash past experiences of abandonment and disrespect, you focus forward—on how you want to be treated in your intimate relationships. On how you can create this respect and loyalty, with the same spouse or without this same spouse. You get to decide who gets to be a part of your life, too.

You allow yourself a brief period of mourning, then move forward by developing your crystal clear picture of what you really want if things are done “my way.”

You want money? LOVE it, completely. Love it right into your life. Let yourself focus on how you will feel and behave when you have the money you want in your life. The same with health, relationships, creativity, and work.

Pay attention, not to what you want to overcome,
but to what you want to BECOME!

Like the story of Lot’s wife in the Old Testament Bible, it’s almost as if turning around to look back will turn you into a pillar of salt. Focusing forward and building exactly what you want, however, will allow you to evolve into the magnificent soul being you really are.

This is it! We’ve turned the corner. Once the mind moves to a new place, you cannot go back.

Allow yourself, joyfully and with love, to go to the “new place” for every aspect of your life that’s important to you. Do this by focusing, minute by minute, day by day and year by year, on what you want to become.

My heart fills with joy for us all.

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