Tips To Master Fear


Thank you for watching Fear-Less Loving, my session in Iris Benrubi’s Let Love In Video Summit. I know our discussion about how mastering fear inside yourself creates opportunities for deep, lasting and satisfying love relationships. Let Love In by no longer blocking it with your fear. My gift for you will help you to do this.

Our modern world is riddled with fear, a negative situation, because fear tends to build upon itself—fear begets more fear. Especially since 9/11, 2001, we humans have been given an unprecedented opportunity to become aware of the extent of the fear we allow in our lives, and to come to mastery over it. Get out of the confining trap of fear and live your life fully and Fear-less-ly! Nowhere in life is this more important than in our most intimate, loving relationships. These Tips can help you change your life forever.

In this booklet, you will find tips for mastering fear that have been clinically tested, and which can be applied in every area of life, including times when you feel lost in fear, are having fun yet still feel afraid, take time to slow down and visualize, are dreaming, or get lost in your own brains’ thoughts. Originally written following 9/11, 2001, when the world was catapulted into extreme fear, the tips and advice the booklet contains (now updated) are even more relevant. Be sure use “If You Remember Only One Thing” at the end. This technique has led the author from 50 years of fearful living to 25 years of Fear-less living. Join me!



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